Retention Bonds, also known as Retention Maintenance Bonds, are becoming increasingly popular in construction, Trade (Supply & commissioning), Manufacturing projects due to their safety, cost effectiveness and security. In this blog, we will examine the benefits of a Retention Bond and why it is a better choice than bank guarantees.

Retention Bond Benefit

What is a Retention Bond?

Retention Bonds protect an employer’s interests during and after a construction project. They guarantee that the contractor will complete the project according to the agreed terms and conditions. The bond also secures the retention sum, usually 5-10% of the contract value, that the employer withholds until the project’s completion.

Why Retention Bonds are Better?

  1. No Collateral: Retention Surety Bonds typically require NO COLLATERAL resulting in higher liquidity with the company that has been awarded the project.
  2. Safety: Retention Bonds provide a higher level of safety than bank guarantees. If a bank goes bankrupt or fails to meet its obligations, the employer may not receive the full amount of the guarantee. Retention Bonds, backed by reputable insurance companies, ensure the employer will receive the full amount in case of default.
  3. Flexibility: Retention Bonds offer more flexibility than bank guarantees. The bond amount adjusts to the project’s needs, and the employer can release the retention sum at any time during the project, if the contractor meets its obligations.
  4. Cost: Retention Bonds are generally less expensive than bank guarantees. The bond cost depends on the project’s perceived risk, and since the risk is low, the bond cost is lower too.

How Insurance Companies Benefit by providing retention bonds?

Retention Bonds pose a lower risk than traditional construction, manufacturing, trade related bonds, allowing insurance companies to offer them at a lower cost. They also benefit from a reduced likelihood of claims, as Retention Bonds protect the employer’s interests during construction, supply & commissioning and manufacturing, reducing disputes.

In conclusion, Retention Bonds are a better choice for employers in construction, trade, manufacturing projects. They offer higher safety, more flexibility, and lower costs than bank guarantees. Insurance companies also benefit from Retention Bonds due to their lower risk and reduced likelihood of claims. Talk to a bond expert at Surety007 to learn more about Retention Bonds and how they can benefit your construction project.

Protect Your Interests and Save Money: Retention Bond Benefits

Retention Bonds offer numerous benefits for employers in construction projects, including higher safety, more flexibility, and lower costs than bank guarantees. Choose a Retention Bond to protect your interests during construction and save money. Contact Surety007 to learn more about Retention Bond benefits for your project. Our Surety 007 experts help build a strong profile for your company that enables you to get a Surety Bond (Retention, Performance, Payment, etc.) for your company at the best rates from the top Surety companies in India.

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