Insurance Surety Bonds are a great tool to provide financial guarantees for bid securities, performance guarantees, advance payment guarantees and maintenance/retention guarantees in India. We discuss in depth about them and their advantages over Bank Guarantees through a recently awarded project by National Highway Authority of India.



Construction of 4-6 lane bypass for Belagavi city from Km11.00(Goa side) of NH4A to Km516.000(Pune side) of NH4(Length 34.48km) inKarnataka on HAM(Pckg1A)

Principal Organization and Project Reference

National Highways Authority of India

NHAI/KNT/Belagavi Bypass/Pkg-1A/ MW/2022/184174

Contract Value

INR 897,37,00,000


IRB Infrastructure Developers Limited,

G R Infraprojects Limited,

KNR Constructions Limited,

Ravi Infrabuild Projects Pvt. Ltd.,

Oriental Structural Engineers Pvt. Ltd.,


Insurance Surety Bonds for National Highway Association of India project NHAI/KNT/Belagavi Bypass/Pkg-1A/ MW/2022/184174 for IRB Infrastructure Developers Limited,G R Infraprojects Limited,KNR Constructions Limited,Ravi Infrabuild Projects Pvt. Ltd.,Oriental Structural Engineers Pvt. Ltd.,MONTECARLO LIMITED

Financial Guarantee Details

Bank Guarantee (by banks) vs Insurance Surety Bond Technology (by Surety 007)

Bank Guarantees are a costly affair and are typically required in infrastructure, manufacturing, supply, and trade projects to furnish a financial guarantee. These guarantees are provided for Bid Security, Performance Guarantee, Payment Guarantee and Retention/Maintenance Guarantee.

Insurance Surety Bonds are an alternative to Bank guarantees and are issued by insurance companies. Surety Bonds have been allowed in India by the Hon. Minister of Finance, Mrs. Nirmala Sitharaman, in the union budget session of 2022. We provide a comparative analysis of taking Bank Guarantees and Surety Bonds for the above mentioned project.

Bank GuaranteeInsurance Surety Bond
Cost (in % p.a.)1-2%1.25-3%
Collateral or Margin MoneyRequired between 50-100%Not required (0%)
Working CapitalBlocked due to margin money requirementsUnblocked due to no requirements of margin money
Line of CreditBlocked by bank up to the amount of BGIssued by Insurance company. So no blocking of Line of Credit
Time SpentTakes 15-30 days to issueTakes 1-3 days to issue
Bank Guarantee vs Insurance Surety Bonds

Choosing INsurance surety bonds for Bid, performance or payment guarantee

The above comparison between the projects makes it abundantly clear for infrastructure companies, who have been contracted by NHAI for the above mentioned project, that Insurance Surety Bonds are the clear way forward for providing financial guarantees. A contractor will receive the following benefits with Insurance Surety Bonds:

  • Increased Working Capital to deliver better quality work
  • Enhanced availability of Line of Credit and better utilization of Line of Credit to take up more projects
  • Improved turn around time as Digital first Surety Bond Technology companies (like Surety 007) provide Surety Bonds as compared to traditional banking system which has long waiting periods.

Surety 007 is providing free consultation on Surety Bonds to all companies that are building the infrastructure for Bharat 🇮🇳. We invite contractors for the NHAI project NHAI/KNT/Belagavi Bypass/Pkg-1A/ MW/2022/184174 to avail free Insurance Surety Bonds consultation from Surety 007. Reach out to us on OR call us at +919911557724.

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