Enhancing the security of trade transactions and financing is essential for businesses to thrive and grow. In India, the Trade Receivables Discounting System (TReDS) has emerged as a transformative platform that not only ensures enhanced security but also expands the scope of trade. By integrating Trade Credit Insurance and Surety Bonds, TReDS empowers sellers and financiers, making trade transactions more secure, reliable, and accessible. In this blog, we will explore how TReDS revolutionizes secure and insured trade in India.

Expanding scope of TReDS with Trade Credit Insurance and Surety Bonds Insurance in India

Streamlining Trade Transactions with TReDS

Simplifying Trade Financing with TReDS

TReDS simplifies and streamlines the process of invoice financing and discounting. It acts as a digital platform that facilitates interactions between buyers, sellers, and financiers. By digitizing transactions and ensuring transparency, TReDS addresses challenges faced by businesses in securing payments and accessing working capital.

Enhancing Transaction Security and Efficiency

TReDS enhances transaction security by providing a secure platform for invoice discounting. Through digital verification and authentication, it reduces the risk of fraud and ensures the credibility of invoices. Additionally, TReDS eliminates intermediaries, enabling faster processing and reducing transaction costs.

Expanding the Scope of Trade with Trade Credit Insurance on TReDS

Empowering Sellers with Trade Credit Insurance

Trade Credit Insurance plays a crucial role in managing credit risks and protecting sellers against buyer defaults. TReDS offers an innovative feature that allows sellers to obtain Trade Credit Insurance coverage while raising invoices. This coverage protects sellers from non-payment risks, ensuring timely payments and maintaining a healthy cash flow.

Mitigating Financial Risks for Sellers

By integrating Trade Credit Insurance into TReDS, sellers gain a powerful tool to mitigate financial risks associated with trade transactions. The availability of insurance coverage boosts their confidence in expanding their customer base and engaging in new business opportunities. It enables sellers to trade with a broader range of buyers, including those with higher credit risks.

RBI opens up TReDS for "fourth participant", insurance companies, to offer Trade Credit Insurance to financiers and Surety Bonds (& Trade Credit Insurance) to buyers and sellers

Safeguarding Transactions with Surety Bonds and Letters of Credit (LC)

Strengthening Transaction Security with Surety Bonds

Surety Bonds act as a financial guarantee that mitigates the risk of buyer defaults. Through Surety Seven (007), a digital-first Surety Bond technology provider, sellers can request Surety Bonds as an additional layer of security. These bonds assure sellers of payment in the event of buyer default, fostering trust and confidence in trade transactions.

Ensuring Secure Payments with Surety Bonds as replacement for Letters of Credit (LC)

Letters of Credit (LC) provide an added level of security in trade transactions. They act as a financial guarantee issued by a bank on behalf of the buyer, ensuring that payment will be made to the seller upon fulfilling the terms and conditions specified in the LC. By offering the option to request LCs through TReDS, the platform facilitates secure payments and reduces payment-related risks. However, LCs are tough to get. Surety Bonds resolve issues with LCs as they

  • FREE LINE OF CREDIT extended by banks since they are issued by Insurance Companies
  • QUICK AND HASSLE FREE issuance through a digital process by Surety 007

Expanding the Role of Financiers: Insurance Cover for Invoicing Facilities

Minimizing Default Risks for Financiers

Financiers play a critical role in providing working capital and financing trade transactions. TReDS now offers insurance cover for invoicing facilities, allowing financiers to manage default risks more effectively. Insurance companies like Surety Seven (007), Tata AIG, The New India Assurance, and others can be onboarded as “fourth participants” on TReDS, providing insurance coverage to financiers against potential financial losses.

Strengthening Security and Reliability in Financing

By providing insurance cover for invoicing facilities, TReDS ensures a secure and reliable financing environment for financiers. This coverage minimizes their exposure to default risks, improving their confidence in financing trade transactions. With the participation of renowned insurance companies, financiers can access a wide range of insurance options tailored to their specific needs.


TReDS, in conjunction with Trade Credit Insurance and Surety Bonds, revolutionizes secure trade and financing in India. The integration of Trade Credit Insurance offers sellers protection against non-payment risks, enabling them to expand their customer base and engage in secure trade. Surety Bonds and Letters of Credit provide additional layers of security, giving sellers peace of mind and fostering trust in trade transactions. By allowing insurance companies to participate as “fourth participants” and offer insurance cover for invoicing facilities, TReDS ensures the reliability and stability of financing. Through the innovative technology of Surety Seven (007) as a digital-first Surety Bond and Trade Credit technology provider, secure and insured trade transactions become accessible, empowering businesses and fueling economic growth in India.

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