RBI’s new FLDG Guidelines have reshaped fintech lending, requiring guarantees in the form of Bank Guarantees (BGs) for up to 5% of the loan portfolio. However, a breakthrough opportunity has emerged with the acceptance of Insurance Surety Bonds as a BG substitute for fintechs. Surety Seven (007) leads the way, providing tech enabled framework for Insurance Surety Bonds that offer numerous advantages over traditional BGs. Let’s explore how fintech companies can leverage these bonds to unlock their potential.

Insurance Surety Bonds

Bid Farewell to Collateral Worries

With Insurance Surety Bonds, say goodbye to the burden of collateral requirements that often accompany Bank Guarantees. Insurance Surety Bonds eliminates the need for collateral or margin money, freeing up fintech companies’ valuable assets. This liberation empowers them to redirect resources toward expansion, innovation, and customer-centric initiatives, fueling business growth and fostering financial resilience.

Unlocking Line of Credit

The replacement of Bank Guarantees with Insurance Surety Bonds brings unprecedented advantages. These advantages include the ability to unblock lines of credit extended by banks. Fintech companies can leverage Insurance Surety Bonds to unleash their lines of credit, providing them with greater financial flexibility and agility. This unlocks new opportunities, facilitates access to additional funding, and fosters robust relationships with banking partners.

Streamlined Process for Efficiency

Surety Seven (007) revolutionizes the process of obtaining financial guarantees through its advanced technology-driven approach. The application and acquisition of Insurance Surety Bonds are now quick and hassle-free, alleviating administrative burdens and saving valuable time. Fintech companies can focus on core operations, expedite lending activities, enhance customer experience, and drive business growth with unparalleled efficiency.

A Boost for Fintech Startups

The advent of Insurance Surety Bonds as a replacement for Bank Guarantees opens up a world of opportunities for fintech startups. By eliminating the need for substantial collateral and unblocking lines of credit, startups can optimize resource allocation, fuel innovation, and seize growth prospects. Insurance Surety Bonds become the catalyst for startups to navigate the lending landscape confidently, forge partnerships with regulated entities, and propel their business toward remarkable success.


As fintech lending evolves, Surety Seven (007) stands at the forefront, offering game-changing tech enabled approach to Insurance Surety Bonds. By replacing Bank Guarantees with these innovative bonds, fintech companies unlock the benefits of no collateral requirements, unblocked lines of credit, and streamlined processes.

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