Surety Seven featured on The Hindustan Times, ANI, The Print, Business-Standard among other prominent names as a company that is revolutionizing the Surety Bond space through its technology for insurance providers. Our CEO & Founder, Mr. Pranjal Aneja , is regarded as a prominent leader with a strong vision of Surety Bonds market in India.

Surety Seven Technology changing the landscape of Surety Bonds in India. Pranjal Aneja leads the charge.

Surety Seven’s technology is for Surety Insurance providers in India. Most Surety Insurance providers in India have often been troubled at the lack of data to Underwrite the Insurance Surety Bonds for contractors. Surety Seven has, however, been able to develop mechanisms to gather consent based data for companies (contractors, traders, manufacturers). Such a technology has so far not been seen in the Surety Markets across the world, let alone India where the Surety market has only just started developing.

Multiple Government of India entities have been submitted Insurance Surety Bonds powered by the Surety Seven’s Technology through insurance providers in India who are backed by some top reinsurance players.

Surety Seven team is proud to be featured by prominent publications for its work in the Surety Bonds (Insurance) technology sector.

The Hindustan Times

Surety Seven’s Technology reshaping the Surety Bonds landscape in India


Surety Seven’s Technology Revolutionizes Surety Bonds in India: Pranjal Aneja Leads the Charge


Surety Seven’s revolutionary technology changing the Surety Bonds landscape in India: G20 a great opportunity says Pranjal Aneja, CEO & Founder at Surety Seven

The Print

Surety Seven’s Technology Revolutionizes Surety Bonds in India: Pranjal Aneja Leads the Charge

Up18 News

Surety Seven’s Technology for India’s Surety Insurance Providers: State-of-the-art technology that streamlines data gathering and enables efficient underwriting


Business News | Surety Seven’s Technology Revolutionizes Surety Bonds in India: Pranjal Aneja Leads the Charge

HT Syndication

Surety Seven’s Technology Revolutionizes Surety Bonds in India

Surety Seven is the first of its kind Surety Bond Insurance technology provider. We would certainly add that you cannot make an impact in an industry as big as INR 30 Trillion without ruffling a few feathers. Consequently, a few adverse contributors to the progressing Indian society are trying to showcase Surety Seven in the wrong light. We urge our partners to avoid falling in the trap of such contributors.

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