In the dynamic financial landscape of India, a significant shift is underway. The introduction of surety bonds, particularly since the Ministry of Finance’s amendment in the General Financial Rules 2017 on 2nd February 2022, has opened a new avenue in the financial guarantee market. For corporate bankers and financial consultants, this change presents a crucial opportunity to pivot to surety bonds or risk losing their market share to insurance providers and intermediaries who are quickly utilizing these instruments and capturing market.

Understanding Surety Bonds

Surety bonds are contractual agreements involving three parties: the Principal, the Obligee, and the Surety. They serve as a promise by the surety to pay a set amount if the principal fails to meet their commitments. This arrangement provides a safety net for various contractual and legal obligations, making surety bonds a reliable form of financial guarantee.

Corporate Bankers and Financial Consultants must pivot to Surety Bonds with Surety Seven's technology to lead in India's financial guarantee market.

Benefits Over Bank Guarantees

Surety bonds offer several advantages over traditional bank guarantees:

  1. Enhanced Liquidity: They do not tie up the principal’s capital, preserving liquidity for other business needs.
  2. Unblocked Credit Lines: Surety Bonds are issued by Insurance companies and hence free up credit lines that would have been used up from Credit Lines extended by Banks. These unblocked credit lines can be used better with non-fun based limits being moved to Insurance companies through Surety Bonds.
  3. Risk Mitigation: Surety bonds provide a layer of protection against defaults, ensuring project completion and compliance.
  4. Accessibility: Particularly beneficial for SMEs, surety bonds have less stringent requirements than traditional bank guarantees.

Surety Bonds: A Norm in the West, Gaining Traction in India

In Western markets, surety bonds are a well-established norm, widely recognized for their efficiency and flexibility. In India, their adoption has gained momentum, especially following the recent amendment by the Ministry of Finance. This change reflects a growing recognition of the benefits of surety bonds in the Indian financial market.

Indian Ministry of Finance circular on Surety Bonds being allowed in India

The Imperative for Corporate Bankers to Pivot

For corporate bankers and financial consultants, the time to pivot to surety bonds is now. The market is rapidly evolving, and those who do not adapt to this change risk losing their relevance and market share. Embracing surety bonds not only aligns with global financial trends but also positions these professionals as forward-thinking and client-centric.

Early Adopters (Corporate Bankers & Financial Consultants) Will Reap Significant Benefits with Surety Bonds

Corporate bankers and financial consultants who are early adopters of surety bonds stand to gain significantly. They will be able to capture a growing market segment, offering innovative financial solutions that meet the evolving needs of their clients. This proactive approach will also establish them as leaders in the financial services sector. The financial guarantee market in India is as big as INR 90 Trillion.

Surety Seven (007): Leading the Way in Surety Bonds

Surety Seven (007) is at the forefront of the surety bond market in India. As a technology-driven surety bond insurance technology provider, Surety Seven offers a range of solutions that simplify and streamline the process of obtaining surety bonds.

Technology Advantages of Surety Seven

Surety Seven leverages cutting-edge technology to enhance the efficiency and accessibility of surety bonds. Their digital-first approach ensures a seamless experience for both corporate bankers and their clients, making the process of securing financial guarantees faster and more user-friendly.

Partnering with Surety Seven: A Strategic Advantage for Corporate Bankers to offer Surety Bonds

For corporate bankers and financial consultants, partnering with Surety Seven offers a strategic advantage. It provides access to a technologically advanced platform and a comprehensive suite of surety solutions. This partnership enables them to offer a broader range of services, enhancing their value proposition in the competitive financial market.


The introduction of surety bonds in India is a game-changer in the financial guarantee market. Corporate bankers and financial consultants must seize this opportunity to pivot to surety bonds, aligning with global trends and meeting the evolving needs of their clients. By partnering with Surety Seven, they can leverage technology to provide efficient and innovative surety solutions, positioning themselves as leaders in a rapidly changing financial landscape.

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